There was a sport
Then there was no sport (for a while only free play and nature)
Now there is a new sport
In a city to stutter with your feet
strange fluidity_not fluid.
What if on an Autumn day expansion?

It will be cold, it will be fresh.
Perhaps pancakes will be served.

Field No WIFI Sci-fi Micro- Expansion Support
This is the first of a series of exhibitions which will be held in different outdoor locations in Rotterdam. It will happen in an ex-sports field in the north. These occasions will take place on one day, most likely on a Sunday.

On peut se perdre dans le silence automnal des allées du parc de Steglitz
Liz Allan
Ghislain Amar
Tiffin Breen
Daniel Fogarty
Kevin Gallagher
Elleke Hageman
Christian Hansen
Lauren Huret
Bernd Krauss
Hunter Longe
Perri Mackenzie
Anouchka Oler
Joshua Thies

Sunday November 2nd 2014
Opening Time: 2pm

Overschiese Kleiweg 627
3045 LK Rotterdam
51.940935, 4.453510
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